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Comfortable, cost effective, and connected™

The Big Idea

One Technology, Unlimited Potential

Promethient was formed with the idea that green tech and high tech be merged to develop technology that can impact people directly and delight them with enhanced comfort and energy savings. Normally, when people think of thermal comfort, they think of a heating and cooling system in their house or workplace or automobile. As a company, Promethient addresses the thermal comfort of a person by heating or cooling their bodies directly and keeping their thermal spaces connected to them via the Internet of Things.

The Vision


  • Furniture
  • Garments
  • Transportation
  • Sports
  • Medical Devices
  • Pet
  • Off-road Equipment


  • Secured a product development and integration contract with a Tier 1 automotive supplier
  • Developed cooperatively and beginning testing a Phase I heated and cooled seat workstation with a large N. American furniture company (IoT enabled)
  • In negotiations with a pet products company for distribution of the heated and cooled Smartherm Pet Bed™ (IoT enabled & manual)
  • In negotiations with a large multinational retailing organization on the ThermTherapy™ line of battery powered (tetherless) heated and cooled therapy pads (IoT enabled & manual)
  • Presenting at Seamless, the IoT accelerator in Grand Rapids, MI on June 28, 2016


This technology has the potential to change how individuals and offices live and work on a daily basis. We've tested it, and are thrilled with the applications and results.